In Honor Of Susan

It was a privilege to attend Susan's funeral yesterday morning.

Yes, it was sad. Yes, I was choked up the whole time and shed some tears. Yes, it crushed me to think Elden is about my age and how I'd feel if fate had selected my wife instead.

The privilege that was mine was hearing how many people were touched by Susan's kindness and love. And learning about her talents, strength, endurance, charity and goodness.

I came away with the same resolve as Aaron: I want to be good like Susan.

Elden showed amazing composure as he spoke about Susan. He shared many of the thoughts from his blog post.

Every speaker showed me something wonderful and good about Susan. I was especially moved by Kellene's (Elden's sister who visited several times to help Susan) delivery of messages from Susan to each of her children and Elden.

I believe every life is precious, but with Susan I felt something more - that one of the best of us is no longer with us. And that made me sad.

P.S. After the funeral I arrived at work to learn that the brother of the CEO had broken his leg and gone to the hospital where he suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. Over the next two hours we received updates until the final one announcing he had passed away. Dazed from the funeral, this news was like a punch to the gut.

P.P.S. I composed the previous post about our anniversary last night and scheduled it to post today. In light of Susan's funeral, I hope that wasn't in poor taste.


bikemike said...

i say this with the utmost respect and reverence in that i'm so sad Susan is gone but relieved she is not suffering any longer.
I so hope for the healing for Elden, his family and friends.

I think i'll start a blog where there has to be at least one Princess Bride or Real Genius quote used.
I'm just mostly thinking of it right now.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Thanks for writing about the funeral...

And your anniversary post was wonderful!