Restroom Scare

Had a little scare at work today. No, not a bomb threat - less alarming but still a concern. If the problem is not immediately evident from the photo, you may be part of the problem.

I want to have faith in humanity, really, I do. But when I walked into this restroom at work I let out a little sigh, my shoulders slumped and I felt our civilization slip a few more millimeters into the abyss. Was the decline of Rome also marked this way?

I guess not everyone is a pay it forward type. Hyperbole above notwithstanding, this is a minor transgression in my book. Leaving The Changing of The Roll for the next guy is a bit selfish or simply not a habit for some (who were raised by wild animals) - forgivable.

What isn't forgivable - and may be noticed by the astute observer - there is no spare roll! Not even one resting on the empty, or hiding behind the toilet. Changing the roll after doing your business is not bad if the spare is within reach. If not, well that's awkward and I'll leave it at that. But today the nearest replacement roll was down the hall and down the stairs to the supply closet. That's not cool.

Yes, I'm aware you need to watch out for yourself, but come on, do the right thing.

Luckily I noticed the empty roll right away. And I was only going in for #1. Calling out for TP is bad enough at home, but at work? I'm pretty sure I'd have to find a new job.

I've cited dug several times and I'd like to thank him for his body of work on this topic.


Brad said...

That is funny!

KP said...

For a second there I thought this might have been a guest post or I was already at Dug's blog.

dug said...

the good news is you're clearly adept at the process:
look first, sit second, poop third. it's a flow chart. without the chart.

Keith Moore said...

Public Service Announcement for your co-workers.

KanyonKris said...

I'll send that PSA to everyone in the office tomorrow.

gobucky said...

Second transgression was that the seat was still up.

CBrown said...

Time to "Man Up" gentlemen! (and any browsers of the female persuasion for the "toilet seat up" comment)
Have you never heard of using the 'ol shirttail in desperate times??
- Signed..One of Kris' co-workers..although not the guilty party.