Sushi Cruise

Last night we decided to go to Yapona in American Fork to get in on their sushi happy hour. And to celebrate Jamie getting a scholarship to UVU before she starts class in a few weeks.

One glitch, the new owners aren't doing the happy hour special anymore (half price regular roll with every specialty roll) even though it's still on their website. The waitress checked and they gave us the deal anyway - crisis averted.

So we ordered 8 rolls - going light. Our order took a little longer than expected, but the presentation made up for it.


We've been to our share of sushi restaurants, but this is the first time our order came out on a boat. The kids loved it. The chef added some nice touches (click on the photo to see the boat in it's high resolution glory):

  • In the bow is the ginger and the wasabi shaped into a mound or hill with sprig of parsley on top
  • In the stern is a "tree" of parsley sprigs.
  • The sushi is arranged nicely.
$60 to feed 4 people (the boy doesn't like sushi, yet) is a pretty good deal. Too bad they're doing away with happy hour.

BTW, Kara is at Clear Creek Camp. They've been running that camp a long time - I went to that camp when I was in 5th grade. In fact, I still have some relics - sounds like another treasures post is in order.

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dug said...

sushi boats are the best--all the magic of sushi, wrapped in lovely kitsch.

i went as a chaperone with holden to clear creek last year. we went on a hike, but the teachers were either lazy or keeping time like the swiss, because when we were just a hundred feet or so from the summit of the hill we were climbing, they blew a whistle and turned the train around. weird.