Favorite Mountain Biking Photos

A selection of my favorite mountain biking photos. You can also see them in an album or a larger slide show.

I had this slide show in the sidebar, but it slowed down the page load and made it unresponsive so I'm moving it to this post.

I also added some info about me and added my 2008 goals to the sidebar.


chris said...
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chris said...

mind if I drop some advertisement?
http://www.formatcycling.blogspot.com. check it out, thanks and great blog.

GastonBiker said...

Great photos!!

cws said...

I was just thumbing through you photo gallery and recognized some of our rides. Thanks for the ride down memory trail. I miss our Wednesday, afterwork rides and adventure slogs. (sigh)

cws said...

Ooops. By the way, this is Jason, not Carla. :-P