Crashing At DMV

Today was the last DMV crit of the season. I've wanted to try DMV so I drove over after work.

I got in a few practice laps before the A Flight started. Man, that hill makes it tough. They were going fast at first, but half way through the race the "West Valley Wall" was taking it's toll and the speed had dropped noticeably, but they were still going hard. A young guy (Conner?) broke off the front about mid-way through the race and stayed out front to take the win.

Coming up the hill

... around top parking lot

... and down the hill.

A few more warm up laps and then we lined up and went. The first lap is neutral but I was already dismayed at the speed. It didn't help that the B's and C's were together. I took my place at the back and stayed with a gal, but a gap opened in front of her and I waited too long to bridge. But that just hastened the inevitable as I just was not fast or comfortable with all the turns. And I wasn't punching up the hill as fast as the others either.

Then on lap 2 I was rounding the final upper lot turn before heading down the hill when I caught my left pedal and was catapulted over the right side. There was an alarming moment when I was airborn, then I landed hard on my right side and slid a ways. Some of the A flight guys were sitting nearby on the curb and came to my rescue. They told me to just lay still for a while, and I obeyed. After a minute or so all the systems checks came in and I was pretty sure I wasn't seriously injured. I stood up and felt OK. I was glad I didn't break a bone or dislocate my shoulder or have some other painful injury. A couple of guys had looked over my bike and said it seemed fine. I had some nice patches of road rash on my right side and a gouge in my left shin, but it didn't hurt too bad so I got on the bike and waited for the pack to come around.

I rolled out and slid in at the back. I hung on a guy for a while but got dropped. Adrenaline not withstanding, I'd lost some of my nerve, especially for the corners. I motored along for four laps, each time mashing up that hill until I was panting at the top. Then down on bottom part of the course I heard a weird ticking sound. I assumed that the bike had some minor problem from the crash and I'd just ride it out. But it got louder and then a BANG, pssssssss - the rear tire blew. For me today it was 2 strikes and yer out. I walked the bike back to the car, packed up.

I did notice that my helmet was cracked. I remember my head getting whiplashed when I hit the ground and hearing the helmet grinding. And as I lay there regaining my senses I thought how cool it was that my head felt perfectly fine, thanks to the helmet. Looks like it's time to buy a new one.

Not surprisingly, as I drove I stiffening up and starting to ache and hurt. My right ribcage is sore and my right arm hurts some to move. I got home and showered, scrubbing all the road rashed spots and discovered that the rash on my hip and shoulder were deeper and larger that the others even through my shorts and jersey. Smeared on some neosporin and put bandages over the abrasions. I'll bet I'm going to stiff and sore tomorrow.

Well, good to have my first road crash over with, I guess.


StupidBike said...

glad you are ok, but I'm sticking with my Crits are stupid mantra.

Aaron said...

Thanks for reminding me why I don't do crits.

IamMatt said...

I think crits can be fun. Its a good way to ride in a pack and learn the basics. Good to hear your ok. Today will be a sore one. Bummer about the helmet.

Anonymous said...

And this was the 'safe' crit.

I had my crash at RMR, then another close call and I got skittish like crazy, especially in corners at speed.

So I don't do many crits, either.

Glad you're OK. Hope the hairy legs survived.

Anonymous said...

While shopping on Amazon for BASE Jumping or Rodeo supplies, one would likely see the following:

"Customers who like BASE jumping and rodeo were also interested in cat 4/5 crit racing."

I was waiting to see if you had any comments regarding leg shaving and scrubbing the road rash. Ouch.

Jason said...

Sounds a lot like my Crit last week:

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the comments.

I slept OK last night. I'm sore today, especially my right side. Coughing and sneezing hurt - I better avoid jokes today as I'm sure laughing would hurt too. The rashed spots sting a bit but I think they'll scab up and feel OK soon.

The body hair didn't interfere with cleaning the road rash. But pulling off the bandages in a day or two will probably sting a bit because of the hair. But I'm sure I can take it like a man.

Yes, I'm done with crits, at least for a while. The RMR crit on the banked oval wasn't bad, but the courses with flat turns obviously give me trouble. I don't have much experience taking fast turns on the road bike and I'm very interested in developing that skill. I like the hard effort and always-changing nature of crits, but it's not worth risking a crash.

mark - thanks for that, I feel hardcore as I sit here licking my wounds.

Anonymous said...

so i take it you won't be racing the crit in Ogden on Saturday?


Kevin Vigor said...

And to think, Anne almost had me talked into trying that brand of crazy. Sorry for your hurt.

KanyonKris said...

I'm consoled that my pain has severed as a warning to others. Here lies danger.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

Sorry to hear about the crash. Crits like Sugarhouse and smooth roads with rollers are really fun. I wish they had a good crit course in Utah County.