Road & Rack

Quite the rain storm last night! It just kept coming. I woke up in the middle of the night and sat in the open back door just watching, listening and breathing the fresh air. Of course I thought how the rain was solidifying all that moon dust on the trails, making them tacky and firm for mountain biking. It's been hard to get excited about riding those dust-bowl trails.

After the rain quit, after noon, I went for a road bike ride, even though I was pretty sore from wake boarding/surfing Saturday. I went up to the water tanks to see what the BST looked like - mostly just damp, but some puddles. Then I rode up Squaw Peak Road to see if my poor form at Butterfield was an anomaly (from being sick the day before) or a trend. I felt good on the climb so I'm calling Butterfield a glitch (although I need to ride it again to be sure).

A perfect day for climbing - sunny and cool, but not cold. I saw two riders going down as I went up. A few people at the overlook taking in the sights. I wish I would have brought my camera to take a picture of Timp with Sept 1 snow. I passed a car on my way down - nothing big, they were going real slow and I was tired of breathing burned brake fumes. Saw one other rider heading up.

When I got home I did some work on the garage - cleaning and organizing. The bike stuff was out of control. I put up some hooks for tires and wheels to hang on and reclaimed a lot of space.

For the bikes I built a PVC rack based on a design Sombeech posted. It works pretty good, but the bikes stick out from the wall a bit much so I'm going to add jogs so the bikes angle in. It was a fun project, especially with my little buddy Kade giving me a hand. He handled the saw pretty well and cut off 2-3 lengths of pipe.

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