Bike Stickers

The last two days I've gone for road rides at lunch. It's been a little cooler, but still sunny and pleasant. It felt good to get out, but my legs feel like they've lost some punch - the dreaded end of season taper.

Tonight I did something impulsive. I'm not big on stickers, but I put two new ones on my car bringing the total to three. I've had this Moab sticker in the rear window for a few years.

I added this TwinSix BIKE NERD sticker to the other corner. Elden handed these out at his TriathAlon this year and it's been sitting in my glove box. The BIKE NERD phrase first hit me as silly. Later I wondered if it was demeaning to cyclists. But lately I've embraced the idea. Stereotypically nerds are guys way into computers. But in the broader sense a nerd is someone who is deep into anything. And while I don't eat, sleep and breathe cycling, I'm really into it so I might as well testify (and it matches my car's paint).

And finally I added this Cannondale sticker to the upper center, in front of the middle brake light (is that a sticker faux paux?). I'm not a Cannondale fan like some people are Ford zealots, but my last two bikes have been C'dales and they fit me well and ride good, so why not proclaim my enthusiasm with a little sticker love?.

Tomorrow I'm taking the mountain bike for a ride after work - probably with the Bike Peddler group up Hog Hollow, but I may use the lights for an evening ride up American Fork Canyon instead.


Miles: said...

and a LOTOJA sticker to balance it all out?

Utah Mnt biker said...

Yea, where is the NOTOLOTOJA sticker?

IamMatt said...

I have the bike nerd sticker waiting to be affixed to the car. I really want to get one that says bike wannabe nerd or bike nerd in progress.

KanyonKris said...

Yes, from me previous rants some form of LOTOJA sticker is noticeably absent. I prefer not to make controversial statements with stickers. :-)

DJ said...

I am happy to hear that you are still doing a few lunch time road rides. I don't have the social motivation to ride every day like I had at LNXI but I get out at least twice each week with a bigger ride on Saturday. Please let me know if you plan to go with the UVC some Saturday morning.