First Fruita

I've heard about Fruita for years, but just hadn't made it out there to ride. We got talking to Andy and Rhonda, after they had returned from one of their Fruita trips - a plan was made and this weekend it happened.

Andy has been to Fruita a few times and showed us the good trails. After noon we pulled into the parking area for the Kokopelli trail system and set out for a tour of Mary's, Lions, Mack Ridge and Moore Fun. Mary's travels along a cliff band above the Colorado River with nice views and lots of fast cruising spiced with some technical obstacles. Lions was similar but with a climb. Mack Ridge had a good mix of up, down, tech, cruising, and nice views from the ridge.

There's trails in them thar hills!

Moore Fun was a misnomer for us with over-the-top technical stunts. The trail went wherever the terrain was the roughest. It got old after a while, especially on the initial climb coming from the north. Once on top it got better and was fun in spots.

Jolene cranks up Moore Fun.

We spent Saturday at the Book Cliffs area (my favorite). We went up Prime cut then down Joe's Ridge and Kessle Run. Prime Cut is the climbing trail and is not just a means to an end but a genuinely fun trail to ride. Joe's Ridge is a dirt roller coaster that we all enjoyed. The swooping turns back and forth through a shallow wash were a hit. Next we went up Prime Cut, then Chutes and Ladders, Edge Connector and Vegetarian. This was a fun loop with a variety of good riding. We finished off the day with a repeat of Prime Cut and Joe's Ridge then climbed up and did Kessel Run from the top. Just fun, fun riding.

Climbing a Ladder, with Chutes to follow.

Have full suspension, will jump.

Looking up Joe's Ridge - fine and tasty single-track.

Rhonda rolls Joe's.

Andy cranks a turn on Kessel Run.

Sunday we rode the Tabeguache area. It's a more rugged area with more steeps and technical challenges. After climbing the Tabeguache trail up to Little Park Road then the pavement up to the top we started down the Ribbon trail as it follows a ribbon of slickrock down to the drainage below. It was pretty cool to cruise down the slickrock, but it was so smooth there wasn't much excitement. As we got lower the fun stuff emerged. A few too many portages, but a unique trail that was worth doing. At the end we hauled out a steep connector trail back to the road and climbed up a bit to the Gunny trail which we all liked. Back at the Little Park Road the girls took the pavement back while Andy and I continued on some pretty good trails back to where we parked.

On the Ribbon slickrock.

I roll a techie slickrock steep - reminded me of Gooseberry Mesa.

A climb on Gunny's.

Andy and I on the last climb to finish the day.

Jolene and I enjoyed the riding and hanging out with Andy and Rhonda. There were more portages and hike-a-bikes than I expected, but still plenty of good single-track. It was really nice to get away for a 2.5 day vacation. Check out Andy's report and photos.


Anonymous said...

Nice TR. Fruita is a nice destination. We did Moore Fun, Mary's, and part of Horesethief a few years ago on the way to Moab. I liked it, but Moore Fun is a lot of technical stuff and tough to ride everything.

The important question, though, is how are you feeling with the kidney stones? Are you going to be up for the night ride Thursday?

KanyonKris said...

I felt pretty good today, but this evening I feel rundown. Glenwild is fun to ride, but not sure if I can make it. I'll have to see how tomorrow goes.

Utahmtbiker said...

Ouch Kidney stones, I work in an O.R. so I see a lot of people with em, man they are in agony..Great to do a trip to take your mind off of them, I've got to get to Fruita sopon, thanks for sharing!

Justin said...

SWEET! I love the looks of those rolling trails.