November Lambert

Jolene and I went to Lambert Park Saturday with Royce and Kendra. Sunny and 50 felt nice (we didn't get cold). The upper trails were surely muddy so we just rode the lower trails. They were damp with a few spots of mud and in good condition for this time of year.

We had fun taking the jumps on Ruin. We all did the upper jumps 3 times. Not big air, but it's still fun.

There were other bikers out and you could tell we all felt like we were getting away with something.


Anonymous said...

When are we getting you off that little wheeled bike? I can't believe you still roll little wheels. Lets talk.

KanyonKris said...

Intervention? I don't have a problem. Really.

I'm devolving just like you. You chose the single speed path, I chose the little wheels path.

I've demo'ed a few 29ers and didn't see that much difference. Not enough to make me spend the $$$ for a 29er. That said, for my next mountain bike I will look very seriously at 29ers and will probably end up with one. But for now the old Prophet works well for me.