Triassic Bouldering

This mild November has been great. Each time I get out for a ride, or some other outdoor activity, I expect it to be the last. But I've filled the whole month that way.

Today was bouldering at Triassic (South of Price) with my friend Jeff and our families. I've dabbled in climbing, but never tried bouldering. I enjoyed it. With no gear or rope to mess with you spend most of your time climbing. You put a crash pad (yes, that really what it's called) below you to cushion your landing should you fall. A spotter helps make sure you come down on your feet. It's pretty simple. The toughest part for most routes is topping out - it seems the last few moves getting on top are sketchy so there is a fear factor.

Jeff encouraged me to try a step harder route than what I had been doing. It had only thin holds and required good footwork. One move about 2/3 up I had to trust my feet to stick on shallow dishes in the face and a small feature while I leaned into the rock to move a hand. I was sure I was going to peel off the rock, but I was just leaning in enough to make the move and finish the route. But it got my adrenaline going.

The weather in Utah Valley was overcast, but out at Triassic it was sunny. It was windy, but down in the rocks it wasn't bad and I was in short-sleeves the whole time.

Me moving tentatively up one of the first climbs.

Jamie works her way up a crack route.

Rachel starting up.

Jolene looking for the next hold.

Kade ran around, under and on the rocks the whole time.

Kara up in the wind.

Rachel and Jamie pose after reaching the top.

Wesley (Jeff's son) showing good form.

Jamie stepping high.

I'm almost to the top.

When I got home I had just enough time for a ride on the BST before dark. My legs felt lethargic on the climbs so I thought about cutting the ride short. But when I got to the start of the long descent to Battlecreek I couldn't resist the lure of that sweet downhill run. I did OK coming back up it - I guess my legs just needed to warm up. It was perfectly still, and although overcast, the view was more dramatic with the threatening clouds. Just a fantastic ride. From the trailhead above the Orem Cemetery to Battlecreek and back without stopping. And the trail was in great shape with hard packed dirt and a few damp sections and only one spot of thin mud.

This November has been good to me.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

See, now bouldering looks scary to me. Glad you're having a great November...I know the feeling about sneaking in a last ride and then sun again the next day!

Brad Mullen said...

Nice bouldering photos. They remind me of days gone by when I lived to climb. What a fun thing to do with your kids :-)