Pop-tarts, Sushi, Shelves

I was running late this morning so breakfast was two pop-tarts, half a banana and water (in a cycling bottle, of course) as I drove to work. Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the one true pop-tart.

As noon approached my thoughts turned to lunch. My sandwich meat in the fridge was going on two weeks, and while I'll often gamble with food poisoning on food nearing or past it's expiration date, I didn't feel lucky today. That and my boss said his whole family is down with the flu. I decided not to double up on things that could make me vomit. The silver lining was, I had a good excuse to eat out (well, good enough for me).

What should I eat for lunch? I was about to head to Draper's restaurant row (123rd east of I-15) when I serendipitously recalled dug mentioning the exotic fare at the new Harmons. Bingo, and away I went.

As I got out of my car something caught my eye. Could it be? I thought they were all extinct. But there it was...

Sadly, as this photo proves, the W legacy will linger.

I quickly forgot the sticker as I entered the shangri-la Harmons has created in Draper.

It will be interesting to see if this super supermarket idea pans out. Everything was different. The carts are the short, double-decker variety. As dug noted, they've got upscale foods (I've never seen so many cheeses), gelato, sushi, a mini-buffet, a coffee bar (with hot chocolate too). Pretty swanky.

I went upstairs to the loft to eat. I chose the tall table and chairs - not good. Unless you've got a Napoleon complex I don't see any benefit to these high chairs. You have to get off them to scoot closer to the table, instead of just pulling normal height chairs. But all the chairs look cool - stainless steel things and such.

Still following dug's recommendation, I chose the spicy california roll. It was pretty good and I liked the extra kick of the spicy variation. (Note: the one packet of soy sauce included with the sushi was not enough, so grab another one next to the chopsticks.) For gelato I chose almond caramel - it was rich, creamy and deeeelicious. They even stick a tube cookie in it.

This Harmons is close to my work. So, yeah, I'll be eating there again.

After work at home I set about finishing the shelves I started on Saturday. The old, bent and leaning, metal shelves were a burr under my saddle and I snapped on Saturday and took them down.

Assisted by my helper I finished the job tonight. Kade did pretty good sawing the 1x1 but needed a break so I cut it almost through and let him have the coup de grace.

After cutting the shelf blocks, building the three posts and cutting the shelves down to length, I assembled the parts and this is the result:

Then I swept up the floor and put all the junk back on the new shelves. Serenity now.

That's a day in my life.

I was surprised I didn't get more comments on the odd movie gems post yesterday. Movies seem to be a good topic of discussion. Maybe the "really odd movie gems" post coming up will provoke more comments.


StupidBike said...

I'm thinking the movies were not all that odd. Now Brazil, kind of odd.

Liquid Sky, really odd, and DIsturbing. (not for viewing in mixed company either.

A Clockwork Orange


Then there is EraserHead.

I'll have to tell you a story about Halloween 1988, U of Kentucky Football Game, Hallucinogens and Eraser Head, or maybe not.

KanyonKris said...

The movies are different but not bizarre so I felt odd fit, but I can see that some aren't that odd.

I haven't thought about Brazil in a long time. Ya, that's a strange film.

I keep meaning to watch A Clockwork Orange. I'll try to get to it this winter.

Just looked up Liquid Sky and Eraserhead, uh, don't think they're my style.

Looking up those movies reminded me of Dark City - strange film.

Your untold story reminds me of a time I was up late and Altered States came on so I watched it. I was really tired and the movie is about the devolution effects of sleep deprivation. That combo messed with my mind.

StupidBike said...

I love Dirt Rotten Scoundrels and Princess Bride, Really like Contact and can watch Gattaca and The Matrix and be entertained.

I guess my perspective is skewed.

The 80's they were crazy :)

Yeah Liquid Sky and Eraserhead are not my style either, but I've seen both of them multiple times.

And Cormac McCarthy;s 'The Road' haunts me more.

KanyonKris said...

Yes, "The Road" was disturbing. Partly because the scenario is believable. It's not haunting me too bad, but only because my subconscious is actively suppressing the memories - that's my theory.

Kevin Vigor said...

Kris, I don't know if it's convenient to you, but you might want to check out Sushi Ya - it's new (to me at least), 24th east Fort Union, all you can eat sushi for $15 at lunch time. I was a little underwhelmed, but it's a *lot* better than you would imagine from the price.

Good choice on the pop tarts, by the way. Strawberry is a close second.

As regards movies, try some Japanese stuff on for weird. Ichi the Killer might be the most disturbing movie I've ever seen (VERY not kid safe); Machine Girl is... well, youtube up the trailer yourself. It's great.

KanyonKris said...

I've tried Sushi Ya for dinner and liked it OK. I thought their signature Crystal Shrimp Roll and the chef's special were good. It would be a good choice for lunch if I'm really hungry - I like to get my money's worth.

I can imagine there are some really weird Japanese movies, judging only from a few B-movie kung-fu flicks I've seen. I have two Japanese films on my really odd list (coming soon), but even those two are mild.