Freak Family

Meet the Freaks:



Oldest daughter

Middle daughter

Youngest daughter

The boy

This all started last week when a co-worker showed me a distorted picture of himself.

With Jolene gone to Moab, the kids and I got silly tweaking photos of ourselves.

I used Paint.NET (free!), but most any image editor will work. I used only one tool, Bulge.

Negative Bulge makes a squeeze. Clicking on the thumbnail image chooses the center (or use the sliders or enter a number).

Most of the images above have more than one Bulge operation. For instance, my image had a bulge for each eye and a squeeze for my mouth/chin.

We spent an hour or so distorting images and laughing at each iteration. A silly good time with the kids.

What's your favorite?


Jamie said...

I love our fun but mental family!

Lucy said...

You guys look like cartoons. Funny! My favorite is youngest daughter - she is like a tooth-cyclops or something.

MOCougFan said...

KK your little girl looks like she is gonna need some serious orthodontics.

Better start saving.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Those are hysterical!

Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family!