Halloween 2009

Meet my Halloween persona - Wyatt Rash.

When I was in costume I tried to kiss my wife but she recoiled and pushed me away. Evidently this is NOT her type.

She was even less pleased by the influence I'm having on my son.

For the Hell-o-Ween night ride with the guys I'd prepared a few red-neck accessories. The old Trek helmet with lycra cover and a $1 flashlight was good for lighting up a full 2 feet ahead. And the camALEbak took care of my "hydration" needs. (I didn't wear these on the ride.)

Here's the sign I came up with for the ride. I found the pumpkin along the road on the way home from work - it was fate. I did the carving.

I only had time for these two photos before the ride started. I was impressed by all the good costumes.

For the race up the Water Tank road climb I pushed it, but not too hard - didn't want to be blown for the rest of the ride. (That's the story I'm sticking too.) I couldn't believe how fast the lead guys shot up the hill.

At the top I volunteered to run sweep, in honor of Dug, who some people said was there, but others said he wasn't.

Heading up the Belt trail was an awesome sight with all the lights marching up the hillside.

At the Altar a few riders decided to cut it short so they went down and I took off trying to catch the group, whose lights had just gone over the ride to the west.

It was a little eerie going solo. The clouds were moving across the sky alternately hiding and revealing the nearly full moon. There were occasionally sounds off in the brush. And at the ridge a purple ghost decoration was hanging from a tree. It was a perfect Halloween night.

At the puddle I saw the group, but couldn't catch them. Up on top I was surprised to see Kenny coming the other way - he was going back to look for his lost glasses.

On the downhill I settled into a good rhythm and enjoyed the nearly effortless flow. Certainly it helped that these are my home trails.

On the hillside above Dry Canyon I could see the group's lights down in the canyon. I made it down in time to catch the tail end of the group and Rick taking video.

The ride down Dry Canyon was sweet. The darkness makes the edges look more ominous. I heard a few people rode the pipe - I did not. The lead group went down the stairs, but I took the cutoff and joined the pack about ready to ride the final leg - the BST back to the parking lot.

I asked Rick if he wanted to lead out, he told me to go for it. I love this section of trail and my home court advantage allowed me to ride it pretty fast. I was still in a good groove and it flowed so smooth - I had a big grin on my face the whole time. And Rick was right behind me, motivating me to keep the pace up.

Many of us headed to Denny's for breakfast. I enjoyed the food and spending time laughing and talking. Then, well after midnight, we all went our separate ways in the dark - back home.

Halloween day I went out to mow the lawn and it was so nice I decided I HAD to go for a ride.

I went up the Water Tank road, up Betty and Belt, down Frank then out the road and down Dragon's Back, up the pipeline then down to Nunn's Park and over to the BST by Bridal Veil and took it up and out the canyon.

After crossing Squaw Peak road I usually go up, but this time I stayed on the old double-track looking for a trail I'd heard people mention. I found it and took it down to a little trail head park near the mouth of the canyon. It was a fun ride, but the switchbacks are tight and didn't make any of them. I'm still finding new trail, how sweet is that?

Here's the family dressed up for Halloween.

I took the ninja boy out trick-or-treating.

Here are our jack-o-lanterns. I did the flaming one. Soak a roll of toilet paper in kerosene and light. It's supposed to last an hour, but mine only lasted 20 minutes. Perhaps cheap toilet paper isn't even good for burning.


JoshuaMcC said...

First Glow-in-the-dark Mountain Dew doesn't work, now toilet paper torches. Is there nothing we can rely on these days?

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Terrifically scary family!

Steveo said...

I have some more pics on my biking blog at http://highmountaingoat.blogspot.com/2009/11/helloween.html