12:37 Clarks TT !

Today at lunch I wandered over to Clarks with half a thought to try a time trial up it. I felt good when I got there so decided to give it a go. I'll save the details for a later post and just get straight to the result:

12 minutes, 37 seconds !!!

My previous time was 15:50, and even though at the time I knew it wasn't my best effort, it still hurt. So to beat that old time by more than 3 minutes is huge to me! That moved me up from the slowest Mens time, to something respectable in the 12s (Clarks TT results), and even faster than the top Woman (Whitney Pogue at 12:58) - not that I have issues with being beaten by a girl ;-)

After the run I was mellow (I was too exhausted to feel differently), but as I recovered I got more and more excited. I was on a high riding back to work - pumped and happy. I called Mark and my wife. I'm almost giddy. I'm not sure what it is, but maybe when the pain of a hard effort results in a personal victory it amplifies the sweetness.

In my next post I'll give the details - including a crazy secret.