Timp Foothill Trails Tour

A week ago Jeremy e-mailed me asking about the trails in the foothills of Mount Timpanogos near Orem, since I've blogged about them several times. After a few reschedules we met today so I could give him a tour of the goods.

We started at Timpanogos Park (I rode from home) and road up the dirt road then turn onto the Race Course and at the top we climb up to the Water Tank Road. From there we took Betty up to the 4-way intersection with the pile of rocks (The Altar) and turned left onto Betty's Lament and took it out to Crank (with a short ride past the Crank turnoff to peek into Dry Canyon). We descended Crank then took the Roller Coaster trail back to the road then took the Cliff trail back down to the Race Course to finish it off and cruise back to the parking lot.

It was a nice ride. I thought I was OK, but not far heading up to the Race Course I could feel yesterday's race in my legs. About half way up my legs started to loosen up, but I still was not 100% for energy.

Jermey is a strong rider, but he was riding his single speed with an 18 tooth cog on the rear - ouch! He cranked it well though and was only stopped by a few of the really steep and loose spots.

It's really green up there right now. Maybe too green - the grass is already growing over the trails in places. But it looks so nice it's hard to complain about not being able to see the trail.

Back at the parking lot we spotted the Gary Fisher Subaru team car and a few minutes later Chris Holley rolled up. We all chatted for a bit and then went our way.

I rolled easy back home and savored another good mountain ride.

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Jermosno said...

Thanks for the "tour" yester day Kris! I enjoyed it and will be spending more time up there...drop me a line if ever you want to hook up again road or mountain!