Timpooneke Loop With Mark

This morning Mark asked if I wanted to hit some AF Canyon trails this afternoon. How can I say no? We headed up and did the classic Timpooneke Loop.

With the dry weather, and more motorcycles than I've ever seen up there, the trails are turning to moon dust and loose rock, but it was still pretty good riding.

Mark rolled the middle ring the whole ride - nice. I lacked faith and hit the little ring a few times. Either way we kept a good pace going and enjoyed the climbs and relished the downhill.

A few notable tidbits: I was feeling the downhill and opened up the speed more than usual, I almost crashed on the downhill a few times (risk and reward), I cleaned the plank bridge across the stream coming back to the parking lot. I haven't been on a ride with Mark in a few weeks so it was good to cruise some mountain single-track with him.


j_e said...

But no frogs.

What a letdown.

UtRider said...

Your post is not completely accurate. While it is true I rode the middle ring up all of the climbs, I didn't roll it the entire ride. The big ring - yes, your bike has one too (I'll point it out the next time we ride together) - also saw action! :)

MOCougFan said...

Beautiful pics.

KanyonKris said...

UTRider - He who poses staged pictures should not be making smack talk comments.

Ya, I should have taken the challenge to roll the middle ring or higher for the whole ride. But didn't we say it would be a mellow ride? I guess I should know by now "mellow" means 1 mph under race pace.

UtRider said...

Staged pictures? Come on now. Just because I shifted into the middle ring before the Joy dh which also, coincidentally, happend to coincide with a picture of my bike next to the new sign, does not mean I "staged" the photo. :)

Also, we agreed to start mellow to allow for a proper warm-up. You threw that plan out the window as soon as we crossed the bridge 2 minutes into the ride!

KanyonKris said...

A few too many "coincidences", eh?

I'm glad you took the boy scout motto to heart: be prepared. Not like it takes 1 second to shift into the big ring for the DH. ;-)

I'm guilty of upping the pace. No surprise there. I'm hopeless on that front - I just get too excited to ride.