Alpine Loop Reshoot

With ugly weather for the next two days, I hit the Alpine Loop after work [on Tuesday] for one last ride before the gates open Thursday evening.

I parked in the gravel pull-out just before the fee booth, unloaded the bike and hit the road. Last time my rough estimate put the climb from the fee booth to the summit at 1 hour 15 minutes. This time I used the stopwatch so it was essentially a time trial.

I was doing a pretty good pace until I hit the steeper sections. I tried to keep it in the double digits, but failed again. I was staying in 3rd gear or higher (I have a triple) and decided to see if I could hold that all the way up. It got tough in some of the steep spots in the upper half, but I did it.

My first attempt at a self photo on my last Alpine Loop ride looked dorky. I decided if candid didn't work, perhaps a staged expression would work.

I tried determined / angry.

Then zany / maniacal / crazed.

Then bored.

If I haven't scared off all of my few readers, that probably did it. OK, no more self photos for a while, or ever.

I wasn't quite sure how my legs would react to another long climb since I did the Alpine Loop Saturday and a short mountain bike ride with some climbing yesterday (Monday). My legs hurt a bit at first, but then got warmed up and felt pretty strong through the whole climb.

I pushed pretty hard and ended up with a time of 66 minutes 30 seconds. I was hoping to break under 1 hour, but I knew that was a long shot.

At the top I took this picture of the road heading down to Provo Canyon.

It was so nice at the top I took this video. Just listen to that silence. Nothing but a few birds singing (and my cleat tap dance - sorry about that).

I started down but got chilled in less than a mile and put on my jacket. I hit 45 mph in one spot trying to catch a car (just for fun). The descent down American Fork Canyon is incredibly fun - I don't know of a descent I like more.

I made it back to my car, loaded up the bike and drove home. Made a root beer freeze and enjoyed the sweet taste of calories earned.


UtRider said...

That's not mad. I wish I could have taken a picture of you last Monday when you discovered that Jolene's wheel you'd recently converted to tubeless was flat! Now that was true anger.

Funny stuff. You should give serious thought to modeling in your spare time. Or acting. Or both for that matter. I sense untapped potential.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics of the....trees. That is one of my favorite rides. I live in MO now. I am coming out for a couple weeks in July. Can't wait to ride that a few times. So pretty in Utah.

MOCougFan said...


Do you always go up the AF side? Or do you go up Sundance as well.

j_e said...

If only my babysitter (aka, the dughter), and my backup babysitter (the girl we've used for three years), weren't in europe right now I'd love to join you on one of those rides.

that's my problem, I'm the stay at home mom when all the good riding hours are.


KanyonKris said...

UTRider: Thanks for bringing THAT up.

I think it's safe to say that my modeling / acting should remain untapped, like a barrel of bubonic plague.

mocougfan: The AF side is more convenient for a quick ride since I can hit it on my way home from work with only a minor detour. I've gone up the Sundance side 2-3 times now. In fact my first time over the loop this year was up the Sundance side (see my May 24 blog post).

JE: Don't despair, we'll do the loop this year.

Miles said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Your blog motivated me to start my own. Keep riding and writing.


KanyonKris said...

We'll have to get together for a ride.