Happy Father's Day


j_e said...

Looks like you had a daddy day similar to mine. Complete with a little zaniness.

Now, when will we see you out on the roadie at a race again?

KanyonKris said...

I have been ignoring the road bike, but only because the mountain biking is so good right now.

MTB biathlon tonight, probably another MTB ride in AF Canyon this week, the Fat Cyclist TriathAlon Saturday.

I'll probably squeeze in a road ride or two this week. I've got STP coming up in less than 4 weeks so I can't slack off the road too much.

KanyonKris said...

Oh, but you asked specifically about road RACING.

I do need to try another crit, maybe DMV this time.

And I want to do another road race since I failed at Hell of the North. I'd love to do the High Uinta Classic, but I'm already booked (see above). So looks like Chalk Creek is it.

j_e said...

Chalk Creek it is. I think that will be my last Cat 5 race before I upgrade for some beatdowns by the Cat 4 kids.

You could always show up at Saltair or Royal Street for a little TT action.

KanyonKris said...

Saltair was fun to try, but flat TTs are my thing. I would like to try the Royal Street TT, just to see how slowly I really climb.

Andy H. said...

Your daughter could be Kendra Todd's twin sister:


Tell me I'm wrong!

KanyonKris said...

Ya, pretty close likeness. I'll tell her tomorrow.