New Ghost Falls Trail

I'd heard that a new trail had been cut for upper Ghost Falls so after work I went to check it out.

I parked at the Equestrian Center and went up the lower Corner Canyon trail then east on the BST then up the dirt road to the Ghost Falls trail head.

Sure enough, a new trail has been cut in starting at the usual Ghost Falls trail head. The new trail goes right then goes left and crosses the old trail then switchbacks and heads north. In general the new trail follows the old trail but sidehills and switchbacks more instead of going down the fall line like the old trail does in many places.

The new trail flows pretty good, but it's rough cut and soft right now. It'll take a lot of tires, feet and hooves to pack it down. And there are lots of tree roots sticking up. There are 3-4 new bridges in place over the small streams. The dirt was gooshy in spots from the rain, but in general it was a good ride.

At the end the new trail Tees into the old trail. Left goes across a bridge on the North trail while right takes you past the falls and over another bridge on the South trail. I took South down and hooked up with the Gasline trail. When I hit the BST I went down into Corner Canyon and took the trail on the west side hill then back to my car.

I went easy because I have my first triathlon tomorrow.

The new Ghost Falls trail flows likes Clark's and should be a good addition to the Draper trails. The old trail is more fun because it's steep, but it's eroding out and not a trail that will last - it's already a pretty deep rut.


j_e said...

good luck in the tri, geek!

I may do the PG Tri next week to get myself in the trizone a little ahead of schedule. I guess that means I better work a few running workouts into my days.

Grizzly Adam said...

They are trail hacking fools up there!

I love it.