Big Spring Hollow Blitz

Jolene rode the Big Spring Hollow trail this morning with a friend and reported that it was in excellent conditions. So we made plans to hit it tonight after I got home from work. After we fed the kids and got things settled it was 8 PM - better go fast.

After a nice drive up Provo Canyon and South Fork, we arrived, unloaded the bikes and set off. My legs are still sore from the Triathlon Saturday and I was hoping I wouldn't be in horrible pain. To my relief the pain discomfort was tolerable. Strangely my left leg hurt much worse than the right.

I started in the middle ring and started off hard hoping to flush the junk out of my legs. It did seem to help, slowly. I stopped at the bottom of the big lower meadow to let four bikers go ripping by and to warn them not to run over my wife. Her she is coming up the trail (in her new pink Fat Cyclist jersey):

We continued on and here's a shot along a little spring-fed stream:

After the road crossing I dropped to the little ring since it gets steeper, but I stayed out of granny even though the legs complained. We could hear the kids at the Big Springs camp singing and otherwise participating in a campfire program. I made the climb and shot Jolene cresting the top:

The downhill from here to the upper meadow is sweet - hard-packed, bermed and curvy. I tried to push the speed and plunge into the corners and put more trust in the tires to hook up. It worked. I'm slowly gaining more faith in cornering at speed.

We took the trail around the upper end of the meadow and Jolene snapped these shots:

Can you spot me in the photo above?

Everything was green, green, green with a sprinkling of wild flowers and blooms on a few trees. Just lovely Spring mountain scenery.

We bombed down to the lower meadow and I nearly lost it in the gully. We opened it up across the lower meadow and I had fun taking the corners and a little air here and there down to the parking lot. The whole ride is only 3.5 miles, but it is some seriously fine single track.


Grizzly Adam said...

We will be up there Tuesday evening from 5 to... whenever we get tired or our wives call. Join us if you are able!

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Aaron said...

Thanks for posting these images. I used to ride this trail just about every Saturday for a while during my time at BYU and loved it. Not the most challenging of trails by any means but always enjoyable and a great workout. I'm now in Michigan and sadly have stopped riding due to shoulder troubles. Was nice to look back at the memories:)