Lingerie Utah Valley Style

With it's large Mormon population, Utah (Greatest Snow On Earth; A Pretty, Great State; Where Ideas Connect; Life Elevated) has it's societal quirks. And I feel safe in saying that Utah Valley is the epicenter of Mormon culture which sometimes exhibits itself in unusual ways. Case in point:

A few years back Dirty Jo Punster, a lingerie and adult novelty store in Spanish Fork, put up some billboards, with the above design, along the freeway as advertisement. I believe they were the first of their kind in Utah Valley. I didn't read anything about it in the paper, but I know it caused a stir in this very conservative community.

Then a few months ago I saw this billboard along the freeway on my commute into work:

Husband & Wife
Tasteful - Comfortable - Clean
Lingerie & Romantic Gifts

I laughed out loud in the car. It just seemed goofy. The message I got is, "we just want to add a little tasteful, comfortable, clean spice to our sex life, but we don't want to be dirty".

And what's with comfortable? Is that really a problem with lingerie and "romantic" products? I guess it depends on your kink(s), but just seems to be a strange thing to advertise.

But I fear for this fledgling business as their website is gone (here's a cached copy). Perhaps the target market wasn't large enough (or brave enough to walk in the door) to keep the store afloat?

This just in: I called (who wouldn't want to dial 756-LOVE ?) and they are still in business (time)! The woman who answered the phone explained that the website is down while it gets a makeover. It was fun doing a bit of investigative journalism.

BONUS: Since I'm on off topic, how about more. When I searched the web to find out if an old Ken doll we found in my grandmother's stuff was worth any money as a collectible, I came across Keeping Ken ( - nice URL!). The About Me page is classic. Here's an excerpt:

ME Hi my name is Jef Beck and yes, consider Ken® to be a best friend. His world is pretty exciting, and I tag along like a good accessory should. I'm becoming a growing statistic with male collectors by collecting Ken®. After all, it's half the challenge, and not too hard to try to complete the entire collection. Welcome to a little corner of the super highway I have created for my buddy. I have to thank my partner Jim for letting Ken® move in with us. His patience with this whole project has been one of complete understanding. Also thanks to my cats Casper & Jaspar for their understanding as well. Like everyone that is caught up in all this collecting, I'd like to hear from you too. It may be a question about Ken® or something I left out about him.


I am Matt said...

There is a lingerie store in Utah valley? Say it aint so. Get the tar and feathers. Its funny how people react to the thought of sex and its associated business. Take for example this link here in slc valley.,5143,695233425,00.html

KanyonKris said...

Yes, as improbably as it may sound, there is a lingerie store in Utah Valley. In fact, Dirty Jo Punster has been around since 1990 and with Husband & Wife, that makes 2! I hope you have your year's supply, because this is sure sign the end is near.

I remember hearing about the Blue Boutique move causing a stir. Depending on the window displays, I'm not sure I'd want to live near that store with my kids. But otherwise I can't say it would bring any problems to the neighborhood. I'd think a bar (and the risk of drunk drivers) would be more of a concern to me. Seems like Blue Boutique could find a more appropriate place to setup shop - like a strip mall. Bwahaha! I kill me.

KC said...

So having collected Barbies at some time in my life :-o I could share a little bit of information about the Ken doll. However, if you go to you should be able to look up the information on Ken to see what he is worth. Also, you can do the ebay thing.


KanyonKris said...

kc - thanks for the info. The Keeping Ken sight had a big list of dolls and values. Sadly, the Hawaii Ken doll was only worth $20-30 so not really worth selling.

Grizzly Adam said...

There is a pretty funny comedy shtick about how the country went berserk over Janet Jackson showing off her boob at the Super Bowl. But that the TV is inundated with "male enhancement" ads.

It's easy to say, "well son, that girl took her shirt off and that is a boob."

But how do you explain male enhancement?

"well son, some guys just have trouble"

And anyway, I always thought lingerie in Utah County was a t-shirt and shorts?

KDAY said...

Lingerie! ooo tis tis, us mormons don't have the sex. Lingerie stores are for truckers passing through to Nevada. Right?