Bike To Bridal Veil Falls

This afternoon our family biked up to Bridal Veil Falls and back from our home in Orem. It was a beautiful sunny day. The kids did great even though the 13.5 miles was pretty far for them. Even though Kade is pretty good at riding his bike, he rides pretty erratic and we worried about him crashing, so he rode in the trailer I pulled behind my road bike.

Not sure why I'm grimacing.

We played below the waterfall for a while. Kade slipped and got wet.

Going back down the canyon was easier with the gradual decline.

We stopped at my cousin's house on the way home. They moved to Orem from Alpine a few months ago so we stopped to say hi.

Just a good Summer Sunday. I'm not ready for Summer to end.

Saturday I went for a short road bike ride in the morning. I met two other riders and rode with them. On the way up to Sundance we were passed by Val and Adam, strong riders I met through the Utah Velo Club. About half way up to Sundance I picked up the pace and went solo up to Aspen Grove where I ran out of time and turned around and headed home. Going down past Sundance a bee landed on my leg and stung me as I was doing 35 mph. I kept going and swatted the bee off, but the stinger stuck in my skin so I pinched it and pulled it out, which injected more venom. The sting burned for a few miles then started to fade.

After lunch I took my daughter and two of her friends and the rest of my family rock climbing at The Kitchen in Rock Canyon. We had fun and everyone climbed well.

P.S. A local group is raising money to buy out the Bridal Veil Falls property and improve it. The buildings near the river were demolished by an avalanche in 1996, then in June of this year a fire burned the building at the top of the tram line. I was skeptical, but reading over their plan it sounds conservative and practical. It would be nice to improve that area and make it into a park since it's kind of a mess now. I have some fondness for the place because for a few years I attended the Saturday night dances held at the top - some good times.


Anonymous said...

In the 5 years, I've been here, there have been multiple avalanches and one fire where they want to rebuild the tram. I think nature is saying "leave it alone".

KanyonKris said...

turbo - I agree and oppose rebuilding the tram. That's why I was initially leery of this group. But in their 4 step plan the 1st step is to cleanup, then renovate, then add some facilities and THEN build a tram IF the people want it. I doubt they'd be able to raise the money for a new tram, it's just to risky. But I support steps 1 & 2. I would like to see the place cleaned up and a bit of landscaping - it would make a nice park.

Forrest said...

I also love this area and bring my family here often. I agree that nature is not kind to structures here, but at the same time it needs to get cleaned up. I also enjoy the picnic areas a little further up but am disappointed in the graffiti and other vandalism that occurs in such a beautiful place. Also I am amazed that I have never been checked for a fishing license or there is absolutely no enforcement of any of the rules in these areas. I personally have my family leave these areas cleaner than when we arrived.

velofreak said...

When I took my kids on the Provo river parkway trail in August, we had to start below the falls because they had the trail blocked off still because of falling debris because of the fire. I wasn't aware of the group trying to raise money to refurbish the falls. It would be nice if they are able to do that. I will have to place a link to their site in my blog.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

Yes, the place looks trashed. I would also really enjoy a snackbar right there on the bike trail.

KanyonKris said...

Mmm, Twinkies washed down with a Slurpie.

MTBikeAZ said...

I remember those dance club days in the early 90s... good times indeed up there. Were you riding trails back then or too busy cutting loose at the top of Bridal Veil?

KanyonKris said...

I attended the dances up there my senior year in High School and two years afterward (we're talking 1982-85). I didn't start mountain biking until 1990, so there was no overlap.

BTW, when are you coming out this way again to ride?

UTRider and I already have our eye on AZ for some riding this winter.

MTBikeAZ said...

I wish I could get up north again this year, but chances are slim.

Let me know when you guys come to AZ, I'd like to hook up a ride with you.