Last Weekday Timpooneke This Year?

After work I joined Steve, Kerry, Gary, Kendra and my sweet wife Jolene for a ride of the standard Timpooneke loop ride up American Fork Canyon. With the shortened daylight hours this may be the last weekday Timpooneke ride. This time of year gets me down - I love the after work rides.

I expected the trails to be pretty dry, but they were damp with the occasional mud puddle. Temperature was nice and cool. Some threatening clouds rolled in, but we only got a sprinkle or two of rain.

I've been feeling good on the bike the past 2-3 weeks - especially climbing. I stayed in the middle ring up to Pine Hollow then climbed it in 3rd. I was even feeling pretty flowy on the downhill.

The climb up Deer Creek South Fork was made more difficult by the mud - the stickiness add friction and the mud caked on the tires added weight. One particularly slimy short but steep slope I was spinning out and had to really smooth out the pedal stroke to make it up (the aggressive rear tire helped a lot too). I made the climb, but with the added resistance it hurt more than usual. Oh, and we saw a flock of wild turkeys - probably 6-8 of them with a good sized tom.

We finished off in the usual manner - out the Ridge and down Pine Hollow. I got the speed up pretty good down Pine and caught a little air off two root drops. We cranked it out pretty hard to finish. I made the split log bridge crossing.

A great ride on one of my favorite trail loops.

Kendra rolling on her new Superfly with Gary in the background

Jolene cranking along and loving it

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Aaron said...

We saw the turkeys on Joy Saturday afternoon as well. I'm feeling envious of the Superfly.