Cycling Projects

While the Wasatch Crest ride was the highlight of the weekend, I did a few other cycling related projects.

The bike rack I built for the garage worked OK straight, but the bikes stuck out too far so I zig zagged it to put the bikes at an angle. Seems to work.

Rick's talk about night rides got me motivated to fix my poor-man's helmet light. I added a spacer to the reflector to increase the beam angle (it was too tight) and I soldered a spring to the positive contact so it won't lose contact (flicker) when the going gets bumpy.

Jolene noticed her bike had a flat rear tire after the Crest ride so I installed two Flat Attack (a local company) tubes - 'tis goathead thorn season.


I am Matt said...

A guy i ride with uses flat attack in bikes trailers and motorcycles. He likes it.

KanyonKris said...

Good to know. Everyone I've talked to who has used them said they worked.