Foothills Frolic

After work I got out for a mountain bike ride with my love - not my bike, my wife. (I wouldn't need to clarify this for most people, but for cyclist, yes.) We pedaled from our house up into the Timpanogos foothills.

As we went along the Water Tank dirt road we could see two other cyclists down on the Racetrack trails, one was climbing up the Cliff trail - I've never tried that, put it on the list.

We went up Crank all the way to the top. I've never done this before. I usually stop about mid-way and go down the Ireland trail or off the front (west). At first I thought it might be easier than going up Betty, but upon reaching the top, both climbs are about the same difficulty.

Next was a nice downhill on Betty's Lament to the Altar. We thought about going down Frank, but went down Betty instead so we could connect up with Roller Coaster.

Everything is green from the recent rain and the trails were not dusty. Temperature was good. A nice evening for a ride. My only complaint is that it's getting dark so soon now - I already miss the long days of early summer.


UtRider said...

Did you submit your time up Crank to Adam's TT blog?

KanyonKris said...

I didn't time myself. We were riding mellow.

Joshua McCarrel said...

I'm dropping lines on a couple of the blogs of local guys to let people know about the Bike Peddler in American Fork's weekly group rides. Sorry for the blatant Spammy content. Check out the blog at for info about upcoming rides. They'll typically leave Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings through the end of the season. This Saturday we're doing a night ride on South Fork. Come Join us!