The Softer Side of Cabela's

Thumbing through the Cabela's Anniversary Sale insert in the newspaper, Jolene came across this:

Yes, that's camouflage lingerie - OK, they euphemistically call it "Loungewear", but anything that's called a camisole and made of silk is lingerie in my book. Perhaps your brain is having trouble grasping this, as mine was, so let me confirm - it's silk, camouflage lingerie sold at Cabela's, the Walmart for hunters.

Jolene especially liked the brand name, Hide-and-Seek. Oh so cheeky.

Even though it's not a general topic of conversation, it's no secret that couples like to add a little spice to their love life. And sometimes this may involve role playing. But I can't help but laugh when I try to imagine how these teases might go when camo lingerie is involved. The sexy female hunter stalking the ferocious male animal? For some reason I can't stop Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd coming to mind and the whole foreplay aspect goes out the window.

But clever women see an incredible opportunity here. The man will be excited when the woman brings home the new lingerie. If the man is a hunter, er outdoor enthusiast (more politically correct), he'll be even MORE excited. So the women slips into them and prances out into the woods ... where she disappears. Because its camouflage. And the man can't find her. But that's not her fault, she was trying to be romantic.

Oh the wonderful and endless variety of "stuff" (including cycling products) you can buy in our consumer-fueled nation! I'm proud to be an American! (Even if we exploit the poor of Bangladesh.)

On The Cycling Front

I hit Corner Canyon after work with Mark A. and headed to Clark's trail so he could time trial it. I set off first to give him a carrot to chase. I felt pretty good at first, but cracked about half way up. I was hauling more weight in my CamelBak than I needed to, but still, I'm a wuss. When the suffering ratchets up I have a hard time continuing to push hard. But Mark flew on his fully rigid single speed and got a good time (11:13). After the TT we went down Ghost Falls then north on the BST to Bear Canyon and back.

More pictures of the post-apocalyptic BST. I felt like yelling something from Omega Man, but didn't have any oil for my chest so it wouldn't have worked.

Jolene hit the dirt tonight too with the Mad Dog Ride Like A Girl group ride up Big Springs Hollow led by KC Holley. She had a good time and arrived home after dark. Good thing she took the frogs.

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