Blackhawk Double Date

Jolene and I met up with Jesse and Patty for a Monday evening ride of the Blackhawk loop up Payson Canyon. Autumn colors in the trees, mild temperatures, a fantastic trail and good company = a very enjoyable ride.

We parked near the Jones Ranch trail head and biked up the road to the Loafer Mountain trail head (good warm-up). The Blackhawk trail starts with a fair amount of climbing, but then rolls up and down out to the Blackhawk campground then descends into the top of a big drainage and out the other side. We finished the loop via the Frank Young, Rock Springs, Jones Ranch trails.

Several of the muddy spots had dried up, the trail was in good condition - mostly packed with a few dusty spots. Just lots of always-interesting single-track.

Wheel turning time was about 2 hours, but start-to-finish time was closer to 2.5 hours. So far we're having a nice Fall - I hope it stays with us for a while.


UtRider said...

After looking at your pictures it's clear I need to invest in a pair of baggy shorts before I can ride that loop with you guys...

Even Mark A. was sporting the baggy shorts today at lunch. Clearly I'm missing something though for the life of me I can't figure out what it is.

StupidBike said...

well for me you are missing catching the shorts on the saddle more. Heck, I catch my shorts on the saddle. Maybe next year I'll order smalls.

KanyonKris said...

I have one pair of baggies that the crotch is too low and I snag it on the seat occasionally. The other pair is more form fitting and never snags.

Perhaps if I hadn't done any MTB racing I'd think lycra looks funny on the MTB. I wear both baggies and lycra on the MTB. It's all good. But the baggies look more MTB and I guess the tougher outer fabric might resist damage from branches and crashes better. And pockets are nice. But otherwise there's not much functional difference so wear what you like.