SLC Bicycle & Frogs

Met Mark for lunch and stopped by SLC Bicycle for their grand opening. It's a nice shop. Chatted with Brad about bike gear, etc. Bought some CarboRocket (Raspberry Lemonade - can't wait to try it), some Bontrager Super Juice sealant (the Stans isn't even lasting 2 months), and two Knog Frogs (white for the front, red for the rear). Got an autograph from Lance.

The Frogs are simple, cheap and elegant (as in a functional design that also has a pleasing form). Hey, I'm a mechanical designer so I'm into this stuff. The body is silicone rubber and the "tail" wraps around anything close to handlebar or seat post diameter and stays put. Press the button once for constant light, a second time for flashing, third time shuts it off. The small size means I'm much more likely to take these along in case I get caught after dark (much more likely this time of year as the days shorten). Brad commutes with Frogs and he gives them a thumbs up. The Bike Snob had some fun with them.

After the candy store, er, bike shop visit we went to B&D Burgers for lunch. Mark got the last avocado burger and I had a cheeseburger - good eats.

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