Corner Canyon Plus

Jolene and I met Mark at the equestrian center for some mountain biking in Corner Canyon.

Somehow we arrived a few minutes early and Jolene took off heading for Clark's while I waited for Mark. When Mark arrived we gave chase, kind of. This was my first ride since the crit crash and I didn't know how I'd feel so I took it easy. In general I was happy to discover that I could ride pretty strong without much pain.

We met Jolene at the top of Clark's and continued up the old dirt roads to the top of Jacob's Ladder. I wasn't feeling my best on the climb, but did OK. We enjoyed the ride down Jacob's Ladder and had no trouble seeing the new single-track since there's a big pile of dead wood across the old trail and a sign. The new trail is not as steep or fun as the previous single-track that was cut in earlier this year. And there are a LOT of switchbacks - and with the soft dirt I took them slow. The trail will be better when the dirt packs down.

Next we went down Ghost Falls and took the right fork (North Ghost Falls) to stay on single-track the whole way down to the BST.

We took the BST west out to Oak Hollow then went south through the culvert under Traverse Ridge road and climbed all the way up to the end of the still-unfinished Maple Hollow trail. It was a nice ride, but the trail is deteriorating from unuse. It was fun to descend. At the water tank Mark headed down to the road because he needed to get home. We stay on the trail and back tracked on the BST, but took Mike Weir Blvd back to the Coyote Hollow Ct trail head to descend lower Corner Canyon (we took the trail on west side).

Overall a nice 20 mile ride. Jolene was stung by a wasp or something on the BST. I was happy to clean most of the technical spots. Both Jolene and I ran out of water near the end so the drinks we got at the Chevron were extra refreshing.

I took the rear tire off my road bike - the one that blew out at the crit. Looks like the bead blew - seems like an odd failure to me. Is this rare?

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