Help A (Cycling) Brother Find A Job

Mark A. is an avid cyclist, but he's been out of work for a while and if it keeps up he won't be able to buy tubes or tires to keep riding. OK, it's not that bad, but you get the point - being out of work and looking for a job isn't fun. So to give the job search a boost, Mark is offering an incentive - a year's supply of Coke to the person who refers him to a job he lands. (You can choose something other than Coke - see Mark's post for more details.)

I got to know Mark on the drive down and back from RAWROD last year. He's a sharp guy with a good head on his shoulders - for any company that could use his skills I sincerely believe they'd be happy, if not thrilled, with Mark's performance. And it should be obvious from this contest, of sorts, that Mark is a creative thinker and excels at finding creative solutions.

So take a minute to learn more about Mark and work your network to find a fellow cyclist a job.


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i need someone to post jerseys online , pays $25 bucks an hour.

no lie

Faceless Ghost said...

A year's supply of cocaine?