More Foothill Exploring

I had so much fun riding the foothill trails Saturday that I went back for more today - to explore and GPS track.

From the paved Provo River trail I went up the dirt road by Timpanogos Park and took the Alta Aqueduct dirt road (steep at the end) up to the Water Tank dirt road then took it east as far as it went (a nice, mostly flat cruise). I came across the Guard Quarters ruin from 1853.

From here the road dropped down fast and very steep with lots of loose rock. The nastiest descent I've done in a while.

I ended up on the Union Aqueduct dirt road and peeked down a short GWT connector trail that comes out by the old bridge near Nun's Park.

Back up on the Union Aqueduct dirt road I took it all the way back to the Race Course and played around on some short side trails.

Then I climbed (kind of) the Cliff trail. Way easier to go down than up. I almost made the first steep climb, but spun out on some lose stuff. Up on the cliff edge trail I just didn't have the nerve and stopped a few times to walk past the exposed sections. Going down you have gravity working to help you roll through the nasty spots, but going up if you stutter pedaling it could be bad. Eh, it was fun to try.

Zipped down the Water Tank dirt road and back home just before it got dark.

A nice quick ride to start the week.

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mark said...

Your descriptions sound a lot like trails I rode in an adventure race a few years back. Particularly the steep descent with lots of loose rock.