Alpine Loop 2009 #3

Got the reminder about the Alpine Loop ride on Thursday. Mark A. and Elden wanted to TT it under 1 hour. I had no such aspirations. I bugged Mark N. to join the ride, he didn't know if he could make it.

Friday I got up at 6 AM and got ready. Left late (had to adjust my helmet after loaning it out) but had a good pace going. Mark N. called me as I neared the crest of the hill before the mouth of the canyon - I was glad to know he was riding.

With the TT the pace started fast and stayed that way. I didn't hold on long, dropped and back off to a pace I could sustain. The usual canyon head wind made me wonder if I shouldn't have hung with the group longer. I caught a carrot, yo-yo'ed with him then he finally dropped. I caught Pat (crit pedal flip crash brother), he grabbed my wheel and we rode together up to the switchback.

Back at Tibble Fork I caught sight of Mark N. and was trying to catch him, but didn't seem to be closing the gap. He rode back to me after the switchback and we rode to the top. It was nice to ride with him, but wished he would have humored me by breathing harder.

It was a cool, beautiful morning and the canyon was resplendent with green. The scenery takes my mind off the work.

At the top we learned Elden, Mark A. and Sam had made it under 1 hour. Aaron missed by 9 seconds (he didn't have a stopwatch so he didn't know his time, otherwise he surely would have found the extra juice to make sub-hour).

I convinced Mark N. to go down the other (Sundance) side with me. It was a good descent, but cold in a few spots. The Aspens down from the summit are spectacular - big and tall with ferns carpeting the ground.

We braved the highway and made it back to my house where I showered and dressed for work and drove Mark back to his car.

Great way to start a Friday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pulling me up the canyon, I owe you one.

MOCougFan said...

that's my favorite place in the world. When I go to my :Happy Place: that's where I go. I cab still smell it up there.

Thanks fir the pics and the post.