Ruth Lake Family Hike

On our way to Star Valley, Wyoming for a family vacation, I decided we should take the scenic route (the Mirror Lake Highway) so we could do the short hike to Ruth Lake as a way to break up the drive.

The three youngest children and I did it last year and enjoyed it thoroughly.

These are the wildflowers at the trail head, right off the road.

There are several stunning ponds along the way.

And more wildflowers.

We looked for frogs again this year, but only found this one. Maybe there will be more later.

The Uintas - rocks, conifers and undergrowth on every patch of dirt.

The family.

The kids, with Ruth Lake in the background.

The parting shot - a pond on the way down.

Next post: A fantastically good Jackson Hole mountain bike ride.


MOCougFan said...

Nice pics Kris. Thanks for sharing.

bikemike said...

Really nice Kris. going to north carolina mtns. next week, can't wait.