Stewart Falls Hike

Utah is a dump. Really, why does anyone live in this desert wasteland? And the areas that aren't uninhabitable are festering boils of urban blight. So everyone should go someplace nicer.

OK, you know better so here's the real story: We had a nice family hike from Aspen Grove to Stewart Falls. We escaped the valley heat and found cool refreshment in the mountains after only a 20 minute drive.

Warning: There are big patches of Stinging Nettle along the trail. It was a good opportunity to teach the kids how to identify it.

The boy and I.

Hydration system functional? Check!

Admiring the falls.

The family (minus me taking the photo) and the falls.

Back in the day this trail was open to mountain biking. Jolene and I rode it at least once. Would the Forrest Service open it one day a week to bikes? That would be peachy keen.

After the hike we stopped by Coldstone for ice cream (Cake dough with brownies, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection & Strawberry Blonde). Then we stopped at Harmons for bread and milk and somehow we came home with sushi - it was past its prime, but we ate it (and enjoyed it) anyway.

And what's more, Jolene went on a girl's ride up American Fork Canyon this morning and it was nice, real nice. I'll leave you with some salacious trail shots.


Anonymous said...

Those are good family values. Well done!

MOCougFan said...

Chris and I rode up to Stewart Falls many years ago. It was a fun ride. I hike up there now every summer when I'm home. It is a beautiful desert.