Family Time In Jackson

Saturday after my ride and Jolene's race it was family time.

But first here's a shot of Jolene racing.

And the podium shot - she took 2nd.

Now back to the family.

We thought about going up on the tram, but it would have cost over $100 for our family of six - uh, no.

We drove over to Jackson and as we entered town we could see some carnival rides. We investigated and found it was the Jackson fair. The on-site parking was for exhibitors and the minimal street parking was jammed; eventually we found a place to park.

The first thing we checked out was a kind of animal petting zoo. Here's Jamie and Kade with a big cow.

Here's a Watusi from Africa with Kara pantomiming behind the cow. Those are some serious horns.

Next we hit the rides. The prices were high, but there were no lines - I'll choose no lines every time. Here's Kara, Rachel and Jamie on a hang glider themed ride.

Kade loves the bouncy rooms.

Kara takes a whirl.

We also visited the stock show and looked at the sheep, cows, rabbits and pigs. It was hot so we got some smoothies. Then went through the animal petting tents again. The milking demonstration was going so Kade gave it a try. He did good.

And got a sticker to prove it.

Some didn't want smoothies so we drove over the Dairy Queen for ice cream.

Then drove back to Star Valley and rigged up a totally ghetto home theater (DVD played on laptop with audio jacked out into a cassette adapter and into a 1970's era boombox) to watch Stardust, featuring the strangest role for Robert DeNiro.

Overall a nice half day of family time.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Big congrats to Jolene!!

CBrown said...

I can never look at DeNiro the same after seeing him in that movie.
A sad, sad, day for me...