Mountain Bike Crash Videos

ROAM is a good mountain biking movie. I have it on DVD and watch it now and then. The riding is amazing. And sometimes I hear my ego say to me:

"You could do that. All you'd need is a big-spring bike, a full-face helmet and armor."

Usually the rational parts of my brain pull me quickly back to Earth, but sometimes the delusional thoughts linger. And that's when I watch videos like this:

After watching the 1 LSI video above, any dreams of trying some burly stunt are gone.

What's LSI? Lost Shoe Index.

Here's a 3 4 LSI video (Warning: screaming death metal soundtrack):

Another effect of these videos: suddenly I'm completely happy with my conservative riding on easy trails. I don't feel as bad about never riding The Pipe or The Stairs in Dry Canyon. I also feel OK only hitting the easy Bobsled stunts. Because life is sweeter when you're not in traction.

P.S. Enjoy your Pioneer holiday weekend, fellow Utahns. I'll be in Wyoming with the family. ICup race on Saturday and hopefully a few other rides.


SkiMoab (Dave) said...

2nd Video - 2:40. Priceless.

MOCougFan said...

My face hurts from watching these video's.

Anonymous said...

i know remember why i am in so much pain every morning.....been there crashed that.

JoshuaMcC said...

I wish I had your rational thought process, I've broken two helmets in less that a month.

Jayson said...

I think that second video is actually 4 LSI (one guy lost 2 shoes)

KanyonKris said...

SkiMoab - I agree, that crash is awesome.

Oilcan - Thanks for serving as a warning to others.

Josh - I can see myself doing every one of your crashes. My favorite is your EM Bike Park crash.

Jayson - Good eye, I've updated the post.