Evening Belt Ride

Doesn't everyone like cryptic titles?

Jolene wanted to go for a ride after work, but I got home late so we headed for the "backyard" trails. Jolene's fitness is coming back from the pneumonia she had 3 weeks ago so she was up for some climbing.

We went up the Water Tank road then up Betty to the Belt route a group did the day before. The climbing is mellow at first but gets steep-ish in a few places. It meanders around the hills to the east then hooks into Frank - which we took up to the Altar. It's a little rough, and weedy but a good line and fun to ride.

It was getting late so after reaching the Altar we headed down Betty. I use Betty so much for climbing I hardly ever go down this trail, so it felt new to descend.

A little ways down Roller Coaster we met Aaron and talked for a while (mostly about the big trial). Aaron had lights and was just getting started on a nice, big night ride. It was pretty dark on the way home.

Another good mountain ride. I love Summer.

The overcast was heavy (we got some rain) and it was late enough in the evening there wasn't much light - hence the reflector flash.

Looking south down Belt.

Looking north up Belt.

Me coming up Frank.

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