Looping Corner Canyon

Work has been busy lately, but today it slacked off enough for a ride.

Mark and I hit the Corner Canyon trails. Up Corner Canyon, east on BST, out on Gasline (or whatever it's called), up south Ghost Falls, up Brocks Point Canyon Hollow, down Clarks, down Silica Pit, up north Ghost Falls, down Brocks Canyon Hollow.

With Brocks Canyon Hollow added to Clarks and Ghost Falls, the route options increased.

I made it up south Ghost Falls this time, but failed on north Ghost Falls. Brocks Canyon Hollow was good to climb (again) and OK to descend - a bit bumpy and often off camber. A guy was trimming branches and roots on Brocks Canyon Hollow - thanks, man! The trails were dusty and deep sand in places, but overall quiet good.

With the cool Spring and early Summer I haven't yet acclimatized to 85+ temperatures, but there's a good amount of shade in Corner Canyon and we had a breeze to keep us cool.

No photos even though I lugged the camera along - just felt like riding today.


KP said...

Have you been doing any night riding? Up Clark's and down Ghost at night is so much fun I did it Monday and again tonight. If there are spotted owls in Utah I saw one, if not then I was hallucinating, either way it was a great time!

Blackdog said...

We have been riding Corner canyon in the early morning or at night. We have seen some cool wild life and not just the kids who park by Ghost Falls on CC Road. The other night after some trail work I got to see was either a really skinny gray dog or a coyote. I am fairly sure there is a pack of them around. It drives my dog Mookie crazy.