Park City Up And Down

I met up with Paul, Alex, and Rick (left to right in photo below) for some Park City mountain biking after work.

We climbed up Crescent Mine Grade, Apex and Keystone. Then took a dirt service road over to the top of Apex and went down it, then down Steps. Took Mid Mountain over to Spyro for the final descent, then Silver Spur back to the car.

Good, long climb. We met Grant on the trail and he joined us (and pushed the pace).

The downhill was a romp. To our shock, we bombed Spyro and encountered NO (zero, none, zilch) uphill riders.

(this photo by Alex)

After the ride we went to MacCool's for half-price appetizers. We each had Gravlox and split an order of Bangers and Mash. Good eats.

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Watcher said...

That was the perfect after-work ride. And man, that guy Grant was a rocket!