Yet Another Sweet Foothills Ride

The foothills trails are still in good shape and fun to ride. Also still green (maybe too green since most trails look overgrown and my legs get itchy from brushing by so much grass, flowers, weeds, and brush). I'm pleased I've had so many good rides up in the foothills this year.

This morning Jolene and I did a longer-than-usual ride. Up Water Tank road, down Cliff, clockwise on the Race Track (have I ever gone clockwise?), up-canyon on the Union Aqueduct road, down the connector trail to Nunn's Park, a short up on the paved Provo River Parkway trail, then up the Bridal Veil section of the BST out to where it crosses Squaw Peak road. Turned around and went back on the BST (with one little side trail) then took the PRP trail down and back to home.

I did the Bridal Veil BST a few weeks ago and didn't make the 2nd (last) switchback on the climb, but I nailed them both today (and on the way down).

The side trail was 100 yards or so past the switchbacks on the uphill side of the trail (old access road). A sketchy little trail that climbs a ways then come back down to the BST. Less than half a mile, but a fun diversion.

Saw a deer up close, heard a hawk screeching, saw some new flowers and best of all enjoyed a ride with Jolene.

Near the bottom of Cliff. I'm tired of all the flowers ... not.

The Race Course looking toward the mouth of Provo Canyon. The Cliff trail is upper right.

Jolene about to top out on the Bridal Veil BST.

Jolene coming down the sideshow trail.


Aaron said...

I've done that little side spur. I was hoping it went somewhere, but as you now know, it doesn't. Just below the side spur is another trail that looks like it has some promise. It's pretty good for a while but eventually empties into the dirt roads about the gravel mine.

Aaron said...

I mean "above the gravel mine."