Alex's Secret Trails

I met Alex at a nondescript parking lot where he blindfolded me and drove. After 20 minutes he stopped and removed the blindfold. I was in a mountainous area unfamiliar to me. We readied the bikes and Alex lead out. (Yes, I made this up for effect.)

He took me on a 2+ hour tour of some amazing mountain single-track. Even though I was sucking wind, every time Alex asked if I wanted the easy bailout or climb for more, I opted for more - I'm such a sucker for new trail.

Fantastic diversity - rocky / buff, wooded / open, shaded / exposed, cruising / technical, climbing / descending. I must note, if you don't like switchbacks, this area may not be for you (I estimate we hit 50+ switchbacks). Enjoy the photos, I'm going to bed - I'm trashed.


MOCougFan said...

I went on my first night ride last night. 50 miles. It's on a flat trail that's well marked. I can't imagine riding up to the point of those pictures when you were blindfolded!!!! You are a stud.

Nice pics. Love the mountain scenery.

Watcher said...

You forgot the best part- no rain!