Rain Dodge Ride

Before I get into today's ride, here's a photo of Electric Lake from the van rescue mission Monday:

I was going to ride with Alex after work today, but the weather squelched those plans.

And even though I hit plenty of rain on the drive home, Orem seemed to have been spared (at least within the last few hours) and the skies to the west were clear-ish, so I headed out.

Pedaling up the Water Tank Road I pondered what route I should take. I decided to do something different and went up Roller Coaster. Well, up the first 100 yards or so, then I peeled left then took a right to go up Blackbird. Normally from here I'd go up Crank, but I took a little connector trail and went down Crank. Then up Betty.

Do you think the Lupines are coming on?

All this rain has made the plants go nuts. The trails are nearly overgrown. And the flowers just keep coming.

After reaching the Altar I went left on Lament with plans to take Crank down, but when I got there I couldn't resist the urge to go longer so I went over to Dry Canyon. I know I've taken a bunch of pictures from this view point, but it's so striking I couldn't help taking another.

When I got to the rock ledges, I stopped and considered riding the pipe. Maybe some time, but I wasn't feeling it today.

I hiked up to the north cliff and found bolts on the face, as I'd read about. I'll have to come up and climb these routes some day.

Finished off the ride by taking the BST back to the water tanks.

The sky was overcast the whole time, and rain hitting Cascade Mountain to the south and Battle Creek to the north, but I didn't get a drop. The air was dead calm and muggy, so I sweated a lot. But the flowers and greenery were amazing and the dirt was excellent and non-poofy. With Saturday being my most recent ride, it felt good to be on the bike.

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