New Trail: Brocks Point Canyon Hollow

I had an hour after work until I had to meet the family at my sister-in-law's house in Cottonwood, so I rode up Corner Canyon to see the new Brocks Point Canyon Hollow trail.

I went up South Ghost Falls and I spotted the new trail as I got close to the little bridge after the T.

The trail was cut mid May and is still wearing in. It used to be very soft, but the recent rains have settled the soil and it's now hard and fairly smooth. There are still lots of roots sticking up - I imagine they'll be cut out sometime.

The trail makes a nice climb. The grade is more mellow than Ghost Falls or Clarks. The top half has a milder grade than the lower half. For climbing I felt it flowed OK. It was longer than I expected.

I stopped at a view point and I could see the Ghost Falls trail head across the canyon to the east.

Pretty nice view of the valley.

Here's the trail head off the dirt road.

After Brocks Canyon Hollow I went down the road then down Ghost Falls. The trail is in good shape with hard dirt berms on the corners.

I took North Ghost Falls down. It was fun, as usual, but was rutted in places from water flowing down the trail (from the recent rains).

I took the Gasline trail over to BST then took it north to the road again. Getting dry and loose/sandy in places. Also had some rutting from water flow. The trail is blocked north of the road due to mud slide and falling rock danger.

I reversed course - I love going down this section of BST. The lower section between the 5-way and the bottom of Corner Canyon had one washed out section on a corner - beware.

Zipped down Corner Canyon back to the equestrian center and I was done.

It was warm, but not too hot for Corner Canyon. The grass in the open is mostly brown, but some green remains. The trails in the trees are still verdant.

Surprisingly my legs felt OK after yesterday's climb-athon. Sure, the mountain trails are opening up, but the Draper trails still satisfy.

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South County Ciclista said...

I have not ridden Brocks up, but yesterday I did it going down and it was fun.