Home Alone

My wife and two older girls are at camp this week and the younger two are at grandmas - leaving me in bachelor mode. Normally I'd be cycling, but this weather has put a damper on that. What to do?

The Movie

Several good movies out, and even though plans with my neighbor fell through, I was set on a movie so I went solo. I'll be honest, I was self-conscious about it. How often do you see a 40-something guy at a movie by himself? And what do you assume about him? I rest my case.

I did my best to shrug off the awkwardness and saw Star Trek at the still new Cinemark by University Mall. The lobby is nicely appointed with traditional and high-tech touches. Each theater is smallish with stadium seating. I chose a center eye-level seat.

OK, it's been a while (like perhaps over a year) since I've been in a nice theater. The screen seemed huge. And the clarity of the digital projection was immediately noticed. Sadly they kept looping the same lame commercials for various shows on cable. When the movie start time came, I was treated to 15 minutes of trailers. I like trailers, but they went 2 over my limit - get on with the movie already!

The Trek movie was good. There are some holes in the story, and a few things didn't work, but overall it was fun ride. Expansive scenes, explosions, action, fights, destruction, rescues, pretty good acting, OK dialog with a few throw-backs to the original series, and easy-on-the-eyes Uhura. (Sorry, but I just couldn't buy Uhura's love interest and every time it came up it bugged me.)

After the movie I walked to my car in my usual lively pace. Then it hit me: I don't have to be anywhere. No wife and kids I should hurry home to. I slowed down, took some time to look around a bit. Hey, there's a Five Guys Burgers across the way - for better or worse I ate before the movie so I was able to resist that temptation. I noticed the flowers and landscaping - quite lovely, for urban. I drove home leisurely. When I got home I watched some recorded TV and just puttered around.

Is it bad that I enjoyed being alone? It's a nice change. But I'm sure It would get old. So I'll enjoy the next few days. And I'm sure when Saturday rolls around I'll be happy to see my wife and kids again.

The Lunch

I was out of sandwich fixin's so I went to super Harmons for more. Tasted some fancy swiss cheese. Picked out some bread, meat and fig newtons. But I could not resist the siren song of the deli area. I blame my recent post about lunch for my craving. I came back with some sushi and ate at my desk. Is it possible to be addicted to sushi?

The Storm

(I'm liking this Seinfeld episode naming convention for my headings.)

As I got out of my car back at work I noted a big thunderstorm was heading this way.

It hit in less than an hour and poured down some serious rain. And 1/4" hail for a few minutes.

Then it headed to Corner Canyon. The upper trails are surely a muddy mess.

I like a good summer thunder storm, but rain every day is getting on my nerves. I'm getting jittery from not enough cycling. And I was worried I have a sushi addiction.


bikemike said...

new Star Trek movie and Five Guys burgers, man oh man, it doesn't get much better Kris.
story line smorey line, Carl Urban as Bones was insane.
yeah, the family probably needed a break as much as you. good when they're gone for a short timebut ALWAYS better when they're home. we just dropped my stepson off at the Orlando airport to go see his dad in Germany (Army stationed) and it was mega painful and he'll be gone for 7 weeks, yikes.

Watcher said...

Bummer. Bachelor weeks in biking season are wonderful- this rain is poorly timed!

Thanks for your Star Trek preview. I followed your link and while agree that Uhura is easy on the eyes, I love that it's in the 25th or whatever century and that thing in her ear is like the biggest bluetooth ever. What *is* that thing? I swear it looks like an IUD or something...

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I discovered yesterday that the Draper Harmon's is in fact, super. Stopped at the Harmon's on 114th and 7th because it was on my way home from Revolution. It was like going to Albertson's. Nothing special.