Lacking Full Throttle

The 2nd Full Throttle race in Round Valley yesterday. Nice evening. 20+ more racers this time. Mark was on the single speed, Andy said his legs were blown from a big road ride the day before - I thought I had a chance. Talked with Travis, hadn't seen him in a while.

I started a little faster, but couldn't hold Andy's wheel. I caught a few people on the little hill, but was still well back. Riders bunched up to make the hairpin turn onto the single track. I passed some riders on the mellow climb and a few more on the switchbacked climb, but I was alarmed at the lack of punch in my legs. I could see Andy one switchback ahead, but couldn't gain on him. Mark was gone. I descended OK.

Second lap I made a few more passes but never saw Andy. I struggled up the switchbacked climb and let a few racers get by me. I had some power for the start of each little climb but would fade badly as it progressed. I was gaining on a guy on the descent, but didn't catch him before the finish.

I didn't like feeling off for this race. Not sure if I was still recovering from the Tri, or should have been on the bike more the last few days, or shouldn't have done the pre-ride lap, or just had a bad day. And I got skunked again in the raffle. The highlight of the day was picking up the 2009 Park City trail map. I jest.

Even if I would have done well, I was already feeling done with racing. Maybe I'll do one more at Solitude so I can really suffer. The mountain trails are opening up and I'd much rather ride them than race.

I got out with Jolene two days ago for her first real (albeit short) ride on her road bike (we bought a week ago). It still feels weird to her but she's quickly getting the hang of it.

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Sorry to hear of the leg fail in the race...ah, the whims of our bodies. Jolene is gonna love road biking!