Millcreek Delivers

It's easy to overlook Millcreek. How can mountain biking that close to the city be any good? And there's the biking only on even days thing. And it's popular not just with bikers but hikers and dogs too.

But I'm here to tell you, the buff, wooded trails of Millcreek are like dessert - sweet and luscious. Especially right now while the gate at Birch Hollow is still closed (hurry, it opens July 1) - the 5 miles of paved road before the trail head discourages most hikers, bikers, dogs. Tonight on the upper trails Mark and I saw only a few bikers and one trail runner. And the trail is clear of downed trees with the only obstacle a patch of snow across the Great Western trail.

We did the usual route: Up Big Water to Dog Lake, part way down Little Water to Great Western then up it to the saddle, turn around and bomb down fast, smooth, swoopy, scenic, in-the-top-10-in-the-state trail.

And it's nice and cool up there. Simply a delight. Yes, I'm raving, but it really was good.

Behold the sweetness.

Tranquil Dog Lake, and the water was clear for once so I could see the bottom. More floating logs than I remembered. Some ducks paddling away from us.

Looking east from the saddle into The Canyons.

Still some snow, but it's melting fast.

For an encore we took the Pipeline trail from Elbow Fork down to Burch Hollow. It was incredibly good - tacky, smooth as glass, lotsa green and only a few people.

If anyone's counting (I'm pretty sure my wife is) that's 3 rides in the last 3 days. I call it making up for the crappy weather the last few weeks. My wife calls it being a bum.


Anonymous said...

mmm, Millcreek. I'm jealous but also motivated to get up there. Thanks for the update.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

When Mark N and I left the office yesterday, he had twinges of jealousy that I was riding Butterfield, and I had twinges of jealousy that he was riding Millcreek. He clearly got the better deal, because I'm now full-on green.

Aaron said...

I don't get down there nearly enough now that I've moved from SLC. Hopefully I'll get a taste on Sat during the Wasatch Classic (if I make it that far).

bikemike said...

hey, that second and third picture look like they were taken on The Ponderossa. say hi to Hoss and Little Joe the next time you're there.

no kidding, man, that's some goodly picture takin'. i must live through these pics because the big bad developers and hurricanes took every trail in our county. don't even bother with the dirt anymore. got to drive too far. sad.

KanyonKris said...

KDay - get up there man, you won't regret it.

SBJ - Butterfield has it's charms, in a masochistic way, but even though there's a fair amount of climbing up Millcreek the scenery and excellent trails transmutes the pain into joy.

Aaron - good luck on the classic, I hope you make it to Millcreek, it's a good finisher prize.

bikemike - It's a natural wonderland up Millcreek (see Watcher's post for details). I'm not greedy, I'd like everyone to have excellent trails nearby. Sorry that's not the case for you. I hope you at least have some decent road riding then.

bikemike said...


thanks. most people would probably find our road riding boring but we do get to ride about 347 days a year. only thing that stops us is lightning storms. course last monday it was 102 degrees, so, we've got that going for us.

keep the pictures coming, much appreciated.

Dave said...

Do you know if the even days applies while the gate is still closed?

Anonymous said...

dave the "even" days do apply, but honestly there are very very few hikers that get all the way up there while the gate is closed.

i have been lazy and have repeatedly done millcreek these past weeks as it is my backyard. havn't tired of it yet.