Stolen Millcreek

Got out for one last Millcreek ride before the gate opens. It felt like we stole the ride. The trail was still in good shape and only a few other riders. Mark N. came for the repeat ride (on his single speed this time), and we were joined by Alex and Mark A.

The pace was faster this ride which made me work my legs, and pant like a dog. I was pleased I could middle ring it all the way to Dog Lake, but it was uncomfortable. Mark A. and Alex handled the pace easy. The route was nearly the same as last time so I'll just roll the photos.

It was an all Fat Cyclist jersey ride.

Mark and Mark chatting with Jared and Eric.


GenghisKhan said...

Great pics--the rains done them thar mountains good, eh?

Happy Trails and Peace from PG!

eber said...

so bummed I missed both the dirt and road rides with the gate closed this year.

your pictures are some consolation.