Saturday Foothills

Many long days this week so we slept in this morning. Around noon we headed out for a little mountain bike ride. I thought it would be hot, but it was rather cool today with a nice breeze.

We went up the Water Tank Road then down Cliff. I hadn't been down Cliff in a while. Someone's done some work to it. The two sketchy, edgy places are clean now. We rolled it with no hesitation.

Did a partial lap on the Race Course. The grass is tall making the trails narrow. And it's is still so green.

Plenty of Sego Lilly out in bloom - this one has a visitor.

At the top of the Race Course we took the easy route back up to the Water Tank Road so I could get a GPS track of it. Here's Jolene coming up with Cascade Mountain in the background.

Just a nice trail shot. Water Tank Road in the background left, with the Cliff trail below it.

Then we took Betty up and Rollercoaster down, but not all the way. We turned right onto a faint trail up along the ridge that is overgrown now. Then down Blackbird and out Ireland back to the road.

Another trail shot - bottom trail head of Ireland.

Sweet weather, sweet flora, sweet trails, sweet wife to enjoy it with.

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frank said...

Nice Photos. Chris, I would like to include previews of some of your stories into this site I am building. Kind of blog traker, rater, ride logging site. Something I am having fun with. Reading all your stories motivates me to ride more and when I see the stories blended and see some stats it really pushes me more. Anyway, check it out and let me know. I may need a good resource for trails in your area too.